Launch Photos 14

On Thursday the 12th March, BLACKWELL’S Portsmouth opened their doors for me to launch The Amber Antidote & the new paperback version of The Amber Room.

Launch Photos 1

It was an amazing night, for which I’d like to thank Jo and the team at Blackwell’s for being such amazing hosts and for all their support of local authors. They have simply been incredible…

A massive thank you for everyone who turned out to support! Not only at the venue, but on-line with all the well wishes leading up to and on the day of the launch.

Thanks for your support and for getting behind the book in your numbers.

And a final thanks to my brilliant Sis’ and her creative genius in making the ‘Amber Cupcakes’ – stuff of legend indeed!

Here is a compilation of all the photos from that night. Shout if you’re in them! 🙂 Shout if you took them! 🙂

Launch Photos 3 Launch Photos 4 Launch Photos 5 Launch Photos 6 Launch Photos 7 Launch Photos 8 Launch Photos 9 Launch Photos 10 Launch Photos 11 Launch Photos 12 Launch Photos 22Launch Photos 21Launch Photos 20Launch Photos 19Launch Photos 18Launch Photos 17Launch Photos 16Launch Photos 15

I hope you’ve enjoyed the gallery and once again a massive thank you to everyone for their support of the books.