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The Amber Room is a story about a 14-year-old kleptomaniac, North, who gets a chance to use his compulsion to steal to save the life of his sister, India, when a mysterious accident leaves her hospitalised in a coma.

With the help of the eccentric, Dr. Tan, North is transported in and out of dark fairy tale worlds, through a portal in a magical amber room in a hospital. North must steal a series of amber treasures with ancient healing properties that can pull India out of her coma.

When India’s condition doesn’t improve, North uncovers the true agenda of Dr. Tan and must unravel the mysteries of the mystical Amber Room if he is to save his sister.

My 45,000 word middle grade, children’s fantasy novel for ages 9+ has been inspired by the dark fairy tales of Charles Perrault and embraces the worlds he created and the morals these stories represent. North and his sidekick, a fairy called Rosie Boots, journey inside the blueprint of three of Perrault’s tales but fail to stick to the script. North’s journey of self discovery and adventure takes him through the pages of an amber story book portal into The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Red Riding Hood and Blue Beard.