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“It was a girl, and she looked dead. Her face in the grass, her body twisted in the shadows. The beam from a headlight lit her up and North gasped. Everything inside him went dark. He breathed in and out, hard, but there wasn’t enough air to fill his lungs. His body was breaking down as if all his bones had been stolen…”

…extract from The Amber Room by Tom Harris.

Fourteen year old kleptomaniac, North, gets to use his compulsion to steal to save his sister, India, when she ends up in a coma. With the help of the mysterious Dr. Tan and a fairy called Rosie Boots, North ventures through a portal in an amber room in a hospital into dark fairy tale worlds to steal amber treasures that can heal India. Yet all is not as it seems in the twisted reality of the Amber Room.

Tom Harris is a 37 year old who graduated with an MA in Creative Writing in 2010. He is a member of S.C.B.W.I, New Writing South & The Registry Writers and has recorded a number of longlisted and shortlisted short stories in national writing competitions in the UK in 2012.

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