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Well, I may have been A.W.O.L (Absent. Writing. On. Lavatory) but I’ve been as busy as a dung bettle in a herd of elephants.

It all started at the SCBWI conference which was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I got such amazing feedback about the new book from fellow writers and a top literary agent. This feedback was very positive but also didn’t pull any punches on the negatives, where people were incredibly generous with their time and honest enough to tell me where things needed improving.

So since then I have been in a state of something I like to call – Hermitotosis. The rewrites are near completion, but one thing I have learned is that these final edits can’t be rushed, well they can but when they are they lack that certain je ne sais quoi. Because of the rewrite I have learnt more about the book and my characters and hope I have developed them whilst ensuring that the story is simply told and not over written. After all the purpose of a writer is to translate a concept to a stranger so that they may enjoy and understand it.

So as the book takes a trip out to selected agents, my attention will turn to the sequel for The Amber Room – The Amber Antidote. I have been dying to get writing this and have been overwhelmed by all the kind feedback about the first book and the lovely impatient messages of – Where the f####! is the next one!!! Marvellous stuff! Thanks again to all for taking the plunge and reading this story. Work Begins soon.

Thanks for dropping by  – I’m off to my metaphorical cabin in the woods to wave goodbye to Jackie Jones and welcome back North and Rosie

I’ve left a little clip image as a clue to what’s in store for Jackie Jones and his friends at the mysterious Heath Hall.

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Have a great day, whatever you’re up to