Welcome to the 2nd edition of 8 Lines a Week – The blog for the busy.

Forgive me this week if I jump right on in, for I discovered a tonic from a helpful old jinn, a sprightly ole fella of Loraxian kin.

The Lorax old school

Last weeks 8 Lines didn’t half stink so I wrote it in an invisible ink

This week I was inspired by an old chum, Dr. Seuss, and with the help of the sap squeezed from a blue spruce, I began to produce

Dr Seuss Cat in The Hat

Last week I was empty, I’d injured my mandible, so now I bring you something more tangible

Childhood memories from Knowle and from Dorridge, stirred in my head like a Vat of Prune Porridge

So a few old books got me out of my jam, as quick as a pig can get turned into green ham in a can delivered by a man in a pram

Green Eggs & Ham

So without further ado, and I do and I don’t, I’ll complete this last line whilst I pull on my coat

Bye from above and bye from below, this 8th line must mean that it’s now time to go…