To tie-in with the launch of our collection of adult short stories later this month, some of the writers will be hosting free workshops in Portsmouth – and there is a brilliant reason to attend them.
I won’t be there! 🙂
So if you are sick of the sight of me – I know I am! – this is a perfect opportunity to get yourself down – if you live North of the island – or up – if you are a crustacean or mermaid – to Southsea.
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Here are the details. So, please get involved & spread the word.
Both workshops are free, so come and meet some of the writers who will feature in the forthcoming book. They are much more entertaining, trustworthy, intelligent and have far better bowel control than I could ever dream of… ahem.
If any of our community workshops below sounds like your kind of thing then we’d love to see you there.
Workshop 1Epic Fairy Tales & Mysteries at Our Own Doors:
This creative writing workshop is for the 60+ – if you have I.D and are 55+ we can squeeze you in on the quiet… just keep it on the down low.
William Sutton, author of Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square, journalist and playwright and Zella Compton, author of The Ten Rules of Skimming, columnist and playwright, bring you a 2 hour creative writing workshop:
– how to write an epic fairy tale (for grown-ups)
– how to write your life story (or fib about it)
Beginners and experienced writers welcome. Have fun exploring how real lived experience and everyday dilemmas can be woven into fantastical tales of your city.
Join them at Southsea Library 3-5pm, Saturday 21st of June. Free event. More info here.
Workshop 2- Creating Compelling TV Drama & Globally-Loved Characters:
This creative writing workshop for new graduates and writers will help you establish your voice in a diverse literary landscape.Matt Wingett, TV script writer and novelist, and Tessa Ditner, comedy writer & journalist, bring you a 2 hour creative writing workshop that reveals:
– the drama game – how to master conflict and create compelling drama for TV and other mediums
– what’s so special about you? Find a character to grip your audience through novels, movies or computer games, like Bond, Potter or Lara Croft.
Join them at Carnegie Library 1.30-3.30pm Saturday 21st June. Free event. More info here.
I hope you can get along to one of these great workshops and in the meantime, keep writing and reading
I’ll be back with more news on the project soon
Thanking You Kindly