And like a flying monkey from the windowsill of a wicked witch, The Amber Antidote has been officially released.

Not to torment a young girl and her dog in this instance, but to inspire and excite readers all over the world, ahem…

The Amber Antidote is now available on Pre-Order exclusive to Amazon & will be available on Kindle from the 2nd February 2015.

As it’s a sequel there is simply no better release date – other than if I hung on until the year 2222 and released it at 2:22 and twenty two seconds, but I’m not sure I’d be functioning too well by then…loss of marbles etc…

I will post an update on the release of both paperbacks, which are currently in the proofing stages as soon as my postie decides to call.

The Amber Antidote sees the return of North and Rosie, picking up the story where The Amber Room left off…

Here’s the cover blurb to whet your appetite.


With his sister, India, encased in an amber statue by the vengeful Doctor Tan, North and Rosie follow Javotte’s instruction and head to the GRIMM museum, to seek help from Tan’s old partner, the mysterious, Gumstone.

 Under the guidance and protection of Gumstone, Javotte and The Guardians of Amber, North and Rosie must survive the threat of Tan’s army of Shadows and navigate more dark and sinister fairy tale worlds, in their search for a rare amber antidote that can save India.

 Caught between their loyalties to their loved ones and their mission to stop Tan & destroy The End Book – an ancient artefact that grants its possessor the power of death – Rosie and North must trust in each other if they are to succeed in their quest, but trust is not easy when one of them hides the biggest secret of all…


I’ve been working on a number of writing projects since the release of The Amber Room, but I finally feel I’ve done justice to Antidote and ensured that this would tie in nicely to where I plan to take the story in Book 3 – The Amber Moon.

It now it feels like the story and the bridge it was always meant to be, between where it all began and where I always wanted it to finish.

I’ll be back soon, despite sounding like a polite version of Arnie Schwarzewotsit, with news of the paperback releases and of course with all the links and prices on the release day